Mailing List Manager

Communication is key.

Do you have a large audience that all need to receive the same message? Connected Process offers a Mailing List Manager that:

  • Allows your community to subscribe and unsubscribe automatically, over the web, without you having to maintain each little change;

  • Detects and prunes stale (“bounced”) addresses from your list on a smart “3-strikes-you’re-out” policy;

  • Delivers beautiful emails in full-colour HTML while using standards-based hybrid email design to ensure plain-text viewers still get the message.

How much time did you waste fighting with Outlook last month?

How much money did you lose by not getting the right message out to your best customers?

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The easiest way to experience the easy-to-use Connected Process Mailing List Manager is hands-on. Contact us right away and we will set up an in-person or over-the-phone demonstration of this tool and see how it can work for your organization.

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Most organizations can get set up and started for less than $1500. Monthly fees are $95 or less for thousands of emails delivered. Contact us right away to see how much time, money, and sanity you will save!