Transfer Spot

Get something, somewhere … FAST.

Transfer Spot, the Connected Process web file transfer system, allows you to send or retrieve files that are too big to email, too expensive to courier or too important to miss.

How much did you spend on shipping CDs last month? Or couriers?

How much time did you waste “training” your clients to use FTP?

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The easiest way to experience the easy-to-use web file transfer system, Transfer Spot, is a hands-on demo. Contact us right away and we will set up an in-person or over-the-phone demonstration of this tool and see how it can work for your organization.

Send large files? Receive large files? Without FTP or custom software installs? Transfer Spot is the web file transfer solution you need!

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Most organizations can get set up and started for $995 or less. Monthly fees are $95 including gigs of transfer (a bunch of CDs worth). Contact us right away to see how much time, money, and sanity you will save!